Alnisa Allgood

Alnisa Allgood is the Founder and Executive Director of Collaboration for Good, Inc., the Executive Director of Nonprofit Tech.

Collaboration for Good (C4G) is a capacity-building organization that focuses on accelerating economic equity. We are building sustainable, innovative, future-forward communities via equitable economic development with a ‘social good’ lens to address inequalities. We focus on economic inequality that harms women of color, communities of color, and the disabled, recognizing that these brutalizations compound other systemic disparities

Alnisa is a technology generalist, data enthusiast, problem-solver who enjoys changing the world one person at a time. She is curious, creative, focused, passionate, and very deliberate about making people’s lives better. She’s passionate about social good, public domain, civil responsibility, technology, entrepreneurship, civility, capacity-building, creating change, generational inspiration, communication, collaboration, and process automation.