Kaylene Yong

Artist Statement

I have always viewed art as a medium for change in ways that words alone cannot do. Growing up in Malaysia and moving to America for school, I have realized the shared experience of social issues and political issues across cultures, which pushed me to think further of what I can do to help. Inspired by many artists who use their work for social change, I have decided that my art should prioritize the community in serving them, raising awareness, and providing a conversation space for dialogue and debate. This then expands my idea of what art entails and what can be considered art, expanding my media and overlapping in other fields of study. Infographics is one of the best ways we see art overlap with fields of the sciences, where data visualization plays a key role in processing complex and intertwined information, which I have used to cover issues on Black Health Inequalities, inspired by Toby Ng’s poster designs that are sleek and conveys the message in an impactful way. Also, I have created 2D and 3D art that cover political issues of Malaysia’s government corruptions and scandals, and have posted them on Instagram as a way of information sharing and providing spaces for dialogue and interaction with my art. As our world continues, artists have a moral obligation to use their skills in ways that help the community, because art is powerful in changing ideas, beliefs and attitudes for a better world.

Yong’s work “Black Inequalities in Health Care” will be on display during the Data Science Research Bazaar’s Poster Session & Art Exhibit.