Postdoctoral Research Opportunity in Data Science and Particle Physics

The Cranmer lab at UW–Madison is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to pursue research at the intersection of data science and particle physics. The group is part of the ATLAS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, the Institute for Research and Innovation in Software for High Energy Physics (IRIS-HEP), and the Data Science Institute at UW–Madison. The group has a long history of innovating tools and techniques that have been impactful to high-energy physics and beyond.

The successful applicant would devote at least half time to the IRIS-HEP effort by playing an active role in building an ecosystem of analysis tools (including scikit-hep, awkward, pyhf, cabinetry, MadMiner, RECAST, etc) and their integration into analysis facilities (with tools such as dask, coffea, Reana, etc.). It would be natural for the person that fills this role to join UW-Madison’s ATLAS group and devote a fraction of their time to physics analysis within the ATLAS experiment, but it is not a requirement. There is also an opportunity to devote time to development of novel machine learning techniques with application to science outside of particle physics.

The position could be based either at CERN or at the Data Science Institute in Madison.

UW-Madison’s physics department also has a vibrant effort on CMS, and the UW-Madison’s IRIS-HEP effort also includes a group based in the computer science department and the Center for High-Throughput Computing working on Data Organization, Management and Access (DOMA).

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