Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer says he has the best job in the world. His appointment in the Wisconsin School of Business combines the excitement of entrepreneurship with the challenge of building academic programs on the cutting edge of quantitative research.

Wisconsin in the information age

Computing and data permeate every aspect of society, from banking to health care, from retail to communications, from agriculture and manufacturing to education and tourism. We vote, drive, visit the doctor, buy a house and make our phone calls with the assumption that somebody, somewhere is collecting information, feeding it into a database, processing and using it (we hope ethically) to make decisions.

Irene Ong

Irene Ong finds excitement in teasing out findings from data, as it satisfies her curiosity. To her, it’s like solving a mystery, as data science can provide insights for informed decisions. She uses statistical and machine-learning methods to understand how immune systems develop, how to prevent allergic and infectious diseases, and which drugs to recommend for cancer treatment, all with the goal of keeping people healthy.