School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences (CDIS)

This new school draws from the Departments of Computer Sciences, Statistics, and the Information School and is centered within the College of Letters & Science. CDIS pairs in-depth learning of technical concepts and advanced analytical techniques with liberal arts coursework that covers the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural and physical sciences. Interdisciplinary programs will be developed with other departments within and beyond the College of Letters & Science, such as psychology, journalism and mass communication, biology, crop sciences, medicine and engineering. These innovations will enable students to better understand the world around us and develop the skills needed to address the myriad challenges computing and big data have created, including those in privacy, ethics, security and more.

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Majors & Courses

Data science now pervades the academic landscape, but academic training in data science methods tends to be concentrated in a few areas. Here are a variety of programs and courses that might be of interest.

View a list of undergraduate and graduate majors and courses that involve data science. See in particular graduate programs in:

  • biomedical data science (MS and PhD),
  • statistics (MS and PhD),
  • computer science (MS and PhD),
  • library and information studies (MA and PhD), and
  • electrical engineering (MS and PhD).

For a complete list, see Graduate Opportunities, as well as advanced programs in the areas of computing, technology, data science and math