AFI DSI COVID-19 Research Group

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary coalition hosted by the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute, with partners from UW-Madison, local and state government, industry, and other academic institutions curating information as fast as we can.

There is an urgent need to develop models that can inform policy makers, as well as the general public, in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has issued a call to action for tech and AI experts to develop new text and data mining techniques to help answer high-priority scientific questions related to COVID-19. We are committed to sharing our own data models and visualizations, as well as those shared by other institutions and news organizations.

Read more about our goals for interpreting, modeling and messaging data in our COVID-19 Data Research Charter.

Going the Distance Together

We’re working to provide results, but raw data and model assumptions are evolving quickly, changing without notice. The COVID-19 pandemic is a complex medical and sociological event: data have biases that make interpretation tricky, and models are limited by assumptions and data. That said, we know physical distancing (also labeled social distancing) makes a difference. COVID-19 cases are continuing to climb. If we all do our part and stay apart, we can go the distance together.  Be positive, stay negative.

Learn more about how UW-Madison is supporting public health and the people of Wisconsin during this pandemic at the UW-Madison COVID-19 Impact site.

Funding opportunities

MIDAS Network: Funding announcements for COVID-19 modeling research

School of Medicine and Public Health:

Research and Sponsored Programs: COVID-19 updates related to sponsored programs

InfoEd Global: COVID-19 research-related funding opportunties

Data Science Stories

Understanding a global pandemic requires creating community around studying it and making any discovery understandable for the public. It’s an aim of our group, and other collaborative efforts around understanding the effects of COVID-19 are popping up around the world.

Media stories highlighting the contributions of our team members

Webinars and presentations

Other resources

Data science can contribute to helping the world navigate and understand how to mitigate this pandemic. We’re featuring some stories that highlight data science’s role in prevention, mitigation, and relief efforts.