Data Science Collaborator Program

The goal of the Data Science Collaborator Program is to enable new research discoveries by bringing together data scientists and domain researchers to work on focused, intensive, collaborative projects. We will be looking for cutting-edge and innovative research projects that will push the domain in a new direction.

The program is open to any faculty, staff, or student whose research can be significantly advanced by intensive collaboration with a data science expert. Research teams may also apply, adding an addendum about how the collaboration will build data science capacity within their team.

How to Apply

In two pages, please provide the following information:

Contact Information for the Project Lead

Each project must have a project lead who is willing to spend substantial time working on site in the data science offices. The project lead will collaborate directly with the data scientist(s) assigned to the project and with members of the broader data science community. Collaboration in this shared data science space yields deeper technical engagement and provides opportunities for “cross-pollination” among multiple concurrent projects.

Project Summary

Similar to the Specific Aims sections in NIH, NSF, NEA or other agency proposals, the ideal proposal will clearly identify the questions to be answered, and will explain how the data science component of the project is critical to delivering exciting new findings. Proposals from research teams may have a 2-page addendum that indicates what resources the team brings to the collaboration and how this proposal will build longer-term data science capacity in the research team. This might include time commitments for staff or students eager to learn new data science skills, experience with certain data science aspects of the research project, partial funding, etc.

A Description of Your Data

Data should be available at the onset of the collaboration. Helpful parameters include, size (i.e., megabytes, gigabytes, etc.), formats (i.e., Excel, CSV files, GIS shapefiles, SQL databases, etc.), where the data currently resides, and any privacy and access restrictions.

Submission Instructions

Completed applications should be submitted to in PDF format. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Initial contact will be made to applicants within two weeks of proposal submission.