Data in Action. 5th annual UW-Madison Research Bazaar, February 7 and 8, 2024

2024 Research Bazaar

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, February 7

9-10am: Introduction

10-11am: Lightning Talks—Round 1

11am-12pm: Lightning Talks—Round 2

12-1pm: Lunch, with optional Collaborator Matching Lunch

1-2:30pm: Workshops and Interactive Discussions

  • Strategically Planning Your Data-Rich Collaborations
  • UW Badgervoltaics: Shaping Data in Action by Optimizing for Agriculture and Solar Production
  • AI for Scientists

3-5pm: Poster and Art Session

3:30-5pm: Interactive Discussion

  • Using R and Python in a Collaborative Research Project

Thursday, February 8

9am-12:15pm: Workshops and Interactive Discussions

  • 9-10:30am: Where’s Your Data and How to Get It?
  • 9am-12:15pm: Getting Started with Python for Analyzing Large Climate and Satellite Data
  • 9am-12:15pm: Introduction to Epistemic Network Analysis
  • 10:45am-12:15pm: Harnessing (Using) the Cloud for Data Science

12:15-1:15pm: Lunch

1:15-2:45pm: Workshops and Interactive Discussions

  • Career Panel
  • Let’s Talk About Open Software and Data: Open Source Program Office and Research Data Services
  • Planning for the UW and Wisconsin 2050 Grid: From Policies to Modellable Constraints

3-4:30pm: Closing Panel – 175th Anniversary Celebration – Data Science Research at UW-Madison: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going


  • Wil Fulwider, Extension
  • Corinna Gries, Center for Limnology: Environmental Data Institute
  • Florence Hsia, Department of History
  • Yea-Seul Kim, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Allison Kittinger, Open Source Program Office


We are excited to partner with campus departments and industry for the 2024 Research Bazaar: UW-Madison Data Science Institute, Department of Computer Sciences, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Department of Statistics, Division of Information Technology, iSchool, Master of Science in Business Analytics Program and Graduate Consulting Practicum, Nelson Institute’s Environmental Observation and Informatics Program, School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health, Technology Entrepreneurship Office, and the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus Online Data Science Program; AE Business Solutions, American Family Insurance, Azenta Life Sciences, Capital Data, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and WEKA. Read more about our sponsors here.

Data Science Institute
Department of Computer Sciences
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Department of Statistics
Division of Information Technology
Master of Science in Business Analytics Program and Graduate Consulting Practicum
Nelson Institute’s Environmental Observation and Informatics Program
School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences
School of Medicine and Public Health
Technology Entrepreneurship Office
University of Wisconsin Extended Campus Online Data Science Program


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Planning Committee

The Research Bazaar would not be possible without the efforts of the following Planning Committee members who represent a variety of different fields and disciplines using computing and data science. We appreciate the efforts of these individuals and thank their respective departments/employers for contributing their time.

  • Trisha Adamus, School of Medicine and Public Health, Ebling Library
  • Krista Bryz-Gornia, Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Cris Carusi, Data Science Institute
  • Sam Cohen
  • Chris Endemann, Data Science Hub
  • Michael Ferris, Computer Sciences
  • Andrew Hanus, Illuminating Discovery Hub
  • Jingyi Huang, Soil Science
  • Sheriff Issaka, IssakaAI Technologies
  • Mariah A. Knowles, Data Science Hub
  • Erwin Lares, Research Cyberinfrastructure
  • Reed Lokken, Computer Sciences
  • Alan McMillan, Radiology
  • Taylor Odle, Educational Policy Studies
  • Jonathan Rebelsky, Chemistry and Astronomy
  • Casey Schacher, Science and Engineering Libraries, Research Cyberinfrastructure Team
  • Dylan Schoemaker, Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences
  • John Shadle, Center for Health Disparities Research
  • Heather Shimon, Science and Engineering Libraries
  • Natalie Singer, School of Computer, Data, & Information Sciences
  • Sarah Stevens, Data Science Hub
  • Blaise Thompson, Chemistry
  • Manny Turrubiartes, WI Institute for Discovery
  • Jay Winston, City of Madison
  • Grant Zhou, Statistics

Code of Conduct

The Research Bazaar is a learning environment that welcomes everyone; it’s a diverse community from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and enriching experience, please bring a spirit of respect and friendly inquiry to all of your interactions at the Research Bazaar.

Be friendly and polite.

Be welcoming. The Research Bazaar strives to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. People from all disciplines and stages of their careers are welcome.

Be respectful. Participants come from a huge range of backgrounds and experience levels. Everyone should feel comfortable to ask for the help they need to understand the discussion. Listen and support others to learn. Remember that everyone here has their own field of expertise.

Be kind to others. Be careful in the words that you choose. Do not insult or put down other participants.

Read the full code of conduct and policies on media and harassment here.

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