Data Science Hub

Coding Meetup and Consultations

Discover campus data and computing resources. Discuss ways to enhance your research with data science. Collaborate with data scientists and other researchers on campus.  For appointments outside of Coding Meetup, please fill out the Find A Facilitator Routing Form to be directed to a facilitator with the expertise you need.

Coding Meetup

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30–4:30 p.m. CT.

Coding Meetup is an opportunity for researchers to ask questions about software tools they are learning about, how to apply data analysis methods to their work, troubleshoot bugs, or anything else related to working with data or code.

Coding Meetup currently takes place online on Tuesdays, and in a hybrid format (online + in-person) on Thursdays.

  • To join online on Tuesdays/Thursdays, set up an account in the the Data Science Hub Slack Workspace. If you already have an account you can sign in at Once you have set up an account, browse the channels for #coding-meetup and type your message into that channel during the designated time. A consultant will follow-up with a Zoom link to discuss your question one-on-one.
  • To join in-person on Thursdays, visit room 1155 on the first floor of the Discovery Building (330 N. Orchard St.).


The Data Science Hub hosts trainings and workshops to help researchers learn the skills they need to reproducibly write software and analyze data. For more information about these workshops and others offered elsewhere on campus, see the Workshops Page. There are also a few recorded lessons available on the Data Science Hub’s YouTube channel.

We can also create custom trainings for your lab group or class.


As part of the Data Science Hub’s mission to provide year-round support to data science practitioners, we lead several communities of practice

The Carpentries — Help teach data science workshops

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long-standing relationship with the Carpentries, a global organization of researchers who volunteer their time and effort to create workshops that teach software engineering and data analysis skills to other researchers. The local community of workshop instructors, helpers, and lesson developers includes research support staff from across campus, faculty members, and graduate students. Workshops offered include Intro to Python/R/Julia/Shell, GitHub, Docker, Intro to Machine Learning, Intro to Deep Learning, Intermediate Software Development, and many others.

ComBEE — Collaborative computational biology

ComBEE, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, represents a dedicated group of researchers with a focus on computational biology, especially within ecology and evolution. This initiative enriches the community through weekly Python and R study sessions and monthly seminars that highlight the latest in computational biology. It is designed to support learners of all levels in bioinformatics and evolutionary biology, offering activities such as bioinformatics tool tutorials, discussions on evolutionary biology, and opportunities for collaborative research. ComBEE is a foundational platform for those seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in these interdisciplinary fields.

EVIL — Explore the intersection of morality and technology

A collaborative effort between the iSchool and ML+X that delves into the clash of Ethics, Values, Information technology, and Law. This group fosters scholarly discussion and research on the ethical implications, legal considerations, and societal impacts of data and information technologies. It serves as a unique forum for students, academics, and professionals to engage with pressing issues at the nexus of technology and humanity, promoting a deeper understanding and responsible use of technology in society.

ML+X — Connect with machine learning practitioners

ML+X is a community of practice that brings together students, researchers, and industry professionals who share an interest in using machine learning (ML) methods to advance their work (X). With new ML tools and models being released every month, this community is a vital resource that can help anyone interested in ML — from beginners to experts — stay informed, find support amongst peers, and collaborate on projects.


The Data Science Hub hosts an annual Data Science Research Bazaar, an informal conference where researchers and data scientists from various disciplines and industries have opportunities to share their work, collaborate, and discuss their data science interests. View the websites for our previous (2020, 2021) Data Science Research Bazaars at this link.

The Data Science Research Bazaar is modeled off of the internationally occurring Research Bazaar, a worldwide festival that promotes the digital literacy emerging at the center of modern research.


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