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Francis Bowen

Data Science Institute

Assistant Data Scientist

(317) 418-4771

Cris Carusi

Data Science Institute

Events and Communications Manager

Lisa Charron

Data Science Institute

Managing Editor

Steve Goldstein

Data Science Institute, Botany

Scientist and Program Manager

Sheriff Issaka

Data Science Institute

(608) 770-9609

Christopher Johnson

Data Science Institute, UW Flight Lab

Associate Data Scientist

Iain McConnell

Data Science Institute, SSEC

Data Scientist

Abe Megahed

Data Science Institute

Software Developer


Clare Michaud

Data Science Institute, Data Science Hub, WID, Research Data Services

Data Science Facilitator

Sarah Stevens

Data Science Institute, Data Science Hub, WID

Data Science Facilitator

Whitney Sweeney

Data Science Institute

Assistant Director


Noah Van Der Weide

Data Science Institute

Assistant Researcher

(608) 469-2780

Steven Wangen

Data Science Institute, WID

Data Scientist

Brian Yandell

Data Science Institute, Data Science Hub

Professor & David R. Anderson Interim Director

(608) 263-3304

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