AFI DSI COVID-19 Research Group Charter


COVID-19 affects the health and well-being of all residents in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin leaders need information about the extent and impact of COVID-19 to make good decisions.

What is the Aim of the AFIDSI COVID-19 group?  

  1. Interpretation: Provide credible and useful interpretation of models of the impact of COVID-19 for decision makers in Wisconsin. Group will (a) respond to requests from decision makers by developing tools for summaries and visualizations; (b) anticipate requests through identification of needed data sources, development of data processing procedures, and guidelines for use of data.
  2. Modeling: Collaborate with other teams at UW-Madison and beyond to develop tools to summarize and visualize data and project future scenarios. Efforts will be made to coordinate with different groups to minimize duplication. Communication of assumptions going in to models is a key component of this aim.
  3. Messaging: Provide credible and useful information on COVID-19 impact for citizens of Wisconsin.  Group will work with key leaders to provide media outlets with reliable information.

Data Repository: This group does not explicitly gather data, but uses its resources to house and integrate data from multiple sources to enable effective modeling and projections for Wisconsin.

Who are we?

We are a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary coalition hosted by AFI DSI, with people from UW, local & state government, private companies, and regional collaborators curating information as fast as we can. Learn more about the AFI DSI COVID-19 Research Group.