American Family Funding Initiative – FAQ

What is the Deadline?

March 17, 2021

What is an ideal Start Date?

PI’s should plan for projects to begin in September 2021. If you need an exception to this general rule, please reach out to

Do Indirect Costs Apply? 

Yes! Be sure to include indirect costs.

What is the funding limit? 

Awards will vary, but must be under $150,000. Please note that it is unusual for one year projects to be funded at the $150,000 level. 

How many years of funding can I request?

PI’s can apply for one or two years of funding. Two year projects must stay within the $150,000 funding limit.

How long will it take for me to find out if my application has made it to Phase II?

Applicants should be notified in 2-3 weeks following the submission deadline.

What costs are allowable for this proposal? 

Awards typically fund effort for graduate students and post docs. It is allowable to ask for small levels of PI effort (e.g., one summer month). Equipment can be an allowable cost if a strong justification is made for use in the project.  All requests must clearly justify why the expenses are necessary for project success.

Are there any costs not allowed?

Subawards are not allowed.

Remember, if you have questions about the submission process, please email For other project related questions, please contact