Standard – Standard material or deliverables consist of broad utility or of general scientific interest. Standard deliverables include items such as software products with multiple applications; algorithms developed for analyzing data sets that are not specific to a particular application; data sets generated from non-proprietary sources; summaries, analyses or derivations of non-proprietary data sets; and such other items as may be agreed by the parties involved.


Proprietary – Proprietary material includes proprietary data and proprietary deliverables typically but not exclusively associated with a Task Order with a third party managed by DSI. Proprietary data include but are not limited to data sets provided by a third party, marketing and sales information, commercialization plans and strategies, research and development work plans, and technical information such as patent applications, inventions, software, trade secrets, systems, methods, apparatus, designs, tangible material, and products and derivatives thereof. Proprietary deliverables consist of items that are developed for the specific use of a third party, and include items such as customized versions of software code, delivery tools and documentation specifically designed for third party use; derivations from proprietary or confidential data sets or models provided to DSI by a third party such as synthesized or resampled data, and summaries, transformations, and visualizations of third party data; and such other items as may be agreed by the parties in a Task Order.