Majors and Courses

Data science is firmly rooted in the academic landscape, and jobs and careers in data science are among the fastest growing professions. UW-Madison offers a variety of data science-related programs and courses that hone skills for managing, processing, modeling, and presenting data, and teach critical thinking skills for addressing social and ethical issues related to data-driven and algorithmically-aided decision making.

Undergraduate Data Science Major

Beginning in Fall 2020, undergraduates can declare a B.A. or B.S. major in Data Science. Students will learn to apply computational, statistical, and mathematical methods and domain area knowledge to data to gain insight about real-world problems.

Data Science Courses and Graduate Programs

In addition to the undergraduate major, UW-Madison offers graduate degrees in biomedical data science, statistics, computer science, library and information studies, and electrical engineering, as well as a wide range of courses at all levels.

Professional Degrees and Certificates

UW-Madison offers professional degrees and certificates in data science and related fields.