Degrees and Programs

Data science is firmly rooted in the academic landscape, and jobs and careers in data science are among the fastest growing professions. UW-Madison offers a variety of data science-related degree and certificate programs that hone skills for managing, processing, modeling, and presenting data, and teach critical thinking skills for addressing social and ethical issues related to data-driven and algorithmically-aided decision making.

Undergraduate Data Science Major

Undergraduates can declare a B.A. or B.S. major in Data Science. Students learn to apply computational, statistical, and mathematical principles to solve problems and draw conclusions from data in an ethical manner.

Undergraduate Data Science Certificate

The Data Science Certificate (like a minor) was designed to add value and breadth to majors across campus. Students in the program develop the expertise to apply a data-focused approach to any career.

Students in class with laptops

Graduate and Professional Programs

The Statistics Department offers a Master's degree in Data Science. Data science-related advanced degrees and professional programs are available across campus.