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Anyone who is working with or wants to learn more about ML methods is welcome to join! Join our Google group to be notified of upcoming events, and join our Slack channel (#ml-community) to stay connected with the community! New members are encouraged to introduce themselves in Slack

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Each ML+X highlights two ML applications that share a theme followed by communal discussions and project feedback

  • Where: Orchard View Room (rm. 3280), Discovery Building & via Zoom. Join the google group to receive a calendar invite (with Zoom link) and other updates
  • When: Monthly on Tuesdays, 12-1pm. Spring 2023 dates include Feb. 7th, March 7th, April 11th, and May 2nd
  • Share Your Work! We encourage anyone who is using ML in their work to present at one of the ML+X forums. If interested, please fill out this short application form

Anyone interested in ML is welcome to attend. Light refreshments, coffee, tea, and snacks provided

  • Where: Hub Central Lobby of the Discovery Building. The lobby area is located outside of room 1156 (1st floor) on the west side of the building
  • When: Monthly on Wednesdays, 9-11 AM (the morning after each ML+X forum). Show up anytime between 9-11 AM and stay for as long you’d like. Spring socials will take place on March 8th, April 12th, and May 3rd

Have a paper you want to discuss? Have a demo you want to give? Want to run a lunch social or a mini workshop?

Then reach out and we can help facilitator, advertise, or host your event within the ML Community!

Send an email to to discuss more!



Please see below for a list of short (1-3 day) machine learning workshops offered by UW-Madison’s Carpentries Community. Upcoming workshops and registration are announced in the Data Science @ UW Newsletter on a fortnightly basis.

  1. Intro to ML with Scikit Learn (Fall)
  2. Intro to Deep Learning with Keras (Spring)
  3. Intro to High Dimensional Data Analysis (TBA)
  4. Building Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing Applications (TBA)


Learn to Teach & Teach to Learn

Our ability to offer numerous workshops year-round is made possible through UW-Madison’s Carpentries Community — a group of volunteers dedicated to teaching computational workshops that quickly advance researchers’ ability to reproducibly analyze, visualize, and model data.

If you’re curious about about helping or instructing at a workshop, review the FAQs document and join the Carpentries Google group to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities. You do not need to be an expert in a topic that you’d like to help teach, and members have plentiful opportunities to attend workshops to advance their skills. Members also have the opportunity to participate in an optional instructor training program.

Leadership Team

Salsabil Arabi

Salsabil Arabi (she/her)

Mariah A. Knowles

Mariah A. Knowles (she/her)

Zekai Otles

Zekai Otles (he/him)

Christopher Endemann

Chris Endemann (he/him)

Yin Li

Yin Li (he/him)


Yuriy Sverchkov (he/him)

Junjie Hu (he/him)

Picture of Alan B McMillan, PhD

Alan McMillan (he/him)

Rene Welch

Rene Welch (he/him)

See Also

  • Consultations & Coding Meetup. To get one-on-one help with any data science, machine learning, or programming related question, come to the Data Science Hub’s Coding Meetup, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30–4:30pm CT. For appointments outside these hours, please fill out the Find A Facilitator Routing Form to be directed to a facilitator with the expertise you need
  • Want to Help Advise Others? Community members are always welcome to assist in answering questions that come up during Coding Meetup. If you would like a chance to help students and researchers tackle data science questions, please reach out to the Data Science Hub at to be setup as a volunteer consultant
  • Data Science Workshops and Seminars @ UW. Upcoming workshops, seminars, and registration are announced in the Data Science @ UW Newsletter on a fortnightly basis. And see more information about the many Data Science workshops and Data Science seminars hosted across campus
  • Join the ML Community Leadership Team! The ML Community welcomes members to join its leadership team! The leadership team helps grow and sustain a lively and engaged community of practice, and ensures ML practitioners across campus have ample opportunities to discuss challenges, learn from one another, and support each other. Anyone passionate about ML and community is welcome to join—including students, no minimum experience required! The leadership team meets once per month to: brainstorm and plan events and resources to serve the needs of ML practitioners on campus; select themes and recruit speakers for events; strategize ways to create a lively community and increase engagement; collaborate with other ML-related groups on campus. To join the leadership team, please email with a brief summary of your interest in machine learning and/or communities of practice