Finn Kuusisto

Credentials: Data Scientist

Position title: Data Science Institute


Head shot of Finn Kuusisto

Finn Kuusisto sees opportunity in data science. At the Data Science Institute, he applies his academic background in computer science, machine learning, and classics to help people derive meaning and value from data, opening new avenues of opportunity for research, industry, and society.

Finn’s educational and career paths have provided him with opportunities to engage in the creative process. He previously co-developed biosignal based human-computer interfaces at a startup, and he currently serves as an AI integration officer with the U.S. Air Force. These experiences prepared him well for working at DSI, where he and other data scientists collaborate with campus “customers” to deliver products and solve research problems.

While his work cuts across academic fields, Finn is especially excited about biomedical applications of data science. Biology and medicine are rapidly becoming data driven, and he believes we are on the cusp of major changes in these fields. His current work with Genetics Professor Ahna Skop uses bioinformatics to increase our understanding of cellular processes and answer questions that haven’t been answerable in the past. Finn is inspired to contribute to projects, such as this one, that may lead to improvements in human quality of life.

“Data science is not just computers. It’s not just statistics. It’s not just numbers being crunched. You get to think about problems more broadly, and you get to come up with solutions when there might not be a method to solve that problem right now. You’re changing the future of some field.”