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Workshops and Trainings

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long-standing relationship with The Carpentries, a global organization of researchers who volunteer their time and effort to create workshops that teach software engineering and data analysis skills to other researchers. The skills taught at these workshops include:

  • Programming and Data Analysis (Unix shell, Python, R, OpenRefine)
  • Version Control (Git/GitHub)
  • Database Management (SQL)
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • Machine Learning (Intro to ML, Deep learning).

Some of the subject area focuses for these workshops include: geospatial, health sciences, ecology, social sciences, genomics, and the humanities. To review a full list of our previous workshops, see previous workshops.

The Data Science Hub can also develop trainings customized for specific classes and labs – see request a small group workshop.

Our Carpentries Community

If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved with the community of instructors and helpers at UW-Madison, you can visit this page. There are always opportunities to help or teach at a workshop, contribute to new workshop lesson development, or become a certified Carpentries instructor. Learn more here.

Upcoming Workshops

Don’t see a workshop you are interested in here? Take a look at our previous workshops to see what other workshops are held each year or request a small group workshop. To receive an email notification regarding upcoming workshops, be sure to subscribe to the Data Science Hub newsletter.

Campus Data Science Trainings

Request a Workshop

The Data Science Hub helps to organize custom, small-group workshops by local Carpentries instructors.  If you’d like to request a workshop for your group, please fill in the form below.

We host a max of 2 requested workshops a month, subject to availability. Workshops that require development of new curriculum may take several months to put together. However, you can find the links to existing lessons which can be taught on shorter notice below.  Workshops for groups outside the UW will have a fee based on our current rates.

Existing Lessons

Software Carpentry
Data Carpentry
Library Carpentry
Community Developed Lessons

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Request Form

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Previous Workshops

Our previous workshops include Data Carpentry, Software Carpentry, and many others. Data Carpentry is designed to teach data organization and analysis using data that looks familiar to researchers. Software Carpentry is designed for people who are learning to code to develop software or learn best-practices in software development. The Other tab features our Mini-Workshop Series, which are shorter form workshops that often feature new lesson materials.

The Data Science Hub typically hosts around 15 workshops each year with topics including Ecology, Geospatial Science, Genomics, Health Science, and softwares including Python, Git/GitHub, Unix Shell, R, SQL, and more.

Each workshop link will take you to a GitHub webpage where you can review the lessons and learn more information about the individual workshops.

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Data Carpentry

Software Carpentry

Other Workshops

April 21st-April 22nd, 2022 – Introduction to Deep Learning

September 15-December 8, 2021 – Fall Mini-Workshop Series

  • Data Science for Clinicians and Docs
  • Intro to Docker
  • Git/GitHub
  • Intro to Machine Learning with SKLearn
  • Interactive Data Visualizations in Python

January 29-April 29, 2020 – Spring Mini-Workshop Series

  • Automating Tasks with Unix Shell
  • Introduction to Data
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to Git/GitHub
  • Introduction to GitHub Pages
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Automation with Make

September 16-December 9 , 2020 –  Fall Mini-Workshop Series

  • Automating Tasks with Unix Shell
  • Data Management with SQL
  • Version Control with Git/GitHub
  • Jekyll Pages
  • Introduction to Docker


Since January 2019, the Data Science Hub has been carrying on the tradition of hosting these workshops on the UW-Madison campus that the Advanced Computing Initiative started in April 2013. Research Computing Facilitators from the Center for High Throughput Computing have also been key in developing the Carpentries community at UW-Madison.