Types of Deliverables

Standard Deliverables consists of items of broad utility or of general scientific interest. Standard
Deliverables include items such as software products with multiple applications; algorithms
developed for analyzing data sets that are not specific to a particular application; data sets
generated from non-proprietary sources; summaries, analyses or derivations of non-proprietary
data sets; and such other items as may be agreed by the parties.

Proprietary Deliverables consists of items that are developed for the specific use of American
Family. Proprietary Deliverables include items such as customized versions of software code,
delivery tools and documentation specifically designed for American Family’s use; derivations
from proprietary or confidential data sets or models provided to University by American Family
such as synthesized or resampled American Family data, and summaries, transformations, and
visualizations of American Family data; and such other items as may be agreed by the parties.
With respect to Proprietary Deliverables that are derivative works of Copyrightable Works that
predate the Agreement or were developed outside the scope of a Task Order, the license rights to
Proprietary Deliverables granted under this Agreement does not grant any rights to the underlying
Copyrightable Works beyond the specific portions of such Copyrightable Works that are
specifically incorporated into the Proprietary Deliverables.