Instructions for Submitting Proposals in WISPER

Create a WISPER record for your proposal submission. In general, the WISPER record will be completed in the same way that grant and contracts are typically completed. However, there some differences and special instructions listed below. 

    1. Special Instructions 
      1. General Tab
        1. Administering Department – Use your home department
        2. Document Type – Select FixPricCon
        3. Proposal Type – Select New if this is first time submission and Continuation if this is the renewal of an ongoing project
        4. Sponsor – Select American Family Mutual Insurance
        5. Primary Sponsor –  Leave blank
        6. Submission Method – Select Email
        7. Submission Instructions – Type “Please send completed submission via email to Whitney Sweeney ( in the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute.”
        8. The rest of this tab should be completed like any other grant or contract submission.
      2. Approvals Tab
        1. Initiate all required budget approvals for a grant/contract submission. This varies based on department and division, but often include:
          1. Home Department
          2. Other Involved Departments
          3. All relevant Division Approvals
      3. Attachments
        1. Include 2 page Scope of Work
        2. Include Project Budget and Justification

When documents are ready for submission, route the WISPER record according to your department and division procedures. Typically this means routing to the division who will either send to RSP or directly to the AFI Data Science Institute for processing.