Data Science Research Bazaar
January 24-25, 2020

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New School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences established

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Books stacked in a bookshop

GeoDeepDive combines library science, computer science, and geoscience

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As data reshapes our world, UW–Madison brings the power of data science to every field of study. The future path of data science will be shaped by insights from all disciplines.

Data Science is an emerging field that is roughly defined as the study, development, and application of methods that reveal new insights from data, which include numbers, text, images, graphs, sounds, code, and metadata. Many recent and ongoing campus initiatives span data literacy, data science, data analytics and related computing and design realms. Data science is complementary to and inclusive of many other fields, and many entities on campus are involved in data science in subtle to profound ways. This makes it difficult to even identify a core for data science activity. Rather, we offer an inclusive data science portal to guide people to relevant resources and activities.