Faces of Data Science

Meet our community of data scientists. Click on names to read each person's story.

Daniel Bauer

Position title: Wisconsin School of Business

Email: daniel.bauer@wisc.edu

Kaiping Chen

Position title: Department of Life Sciences Communication

Email: kchen67@wisc.edu

Song Gao

Position title: Department of Geography

Email: song.gao@wisc.edu

Iain McConnell

Position title: American Family Insurance Data Science Institute; Space Science and Engineering Center

Email: iain.mcconnell@wisc.edu

Irene Ong

Position title: Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Email: irene.ong@wisc.edu

Stephen Wright

Position title: Department of Computer Science

Email: swright@cs.wisc.edu