Faces of Data Science

This growing collection of profiles features faculty, staff, and students across campus who are part of UW Madison's data science community. Click on names to read their stories.

Laura Albert

Position title: College of Engineering

Email: laura@engr.wisc.edu

Daniel Bauer

Position title: Wisconsin School of Business

Email: daniel.bauer@wisc.edu

Kaiping Chen

Position title: Department of Life Sciences Communication

Email: kchen67@wisc.edu

Amy Cochran

Position title: Departments of Mathematics and Population Health Sciences

Email: cochran4@wisc.edu

Ankur Desai

Position title: Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Email: desai@aos.wisc.edu

Dörte Döpfer

Position title: School of Veterinary Medicine

Email: dopfer@wisc.edu

Joao Dorea

Position title: Departments of Animal and Dairy Sciences and Biological Systems Engineering

Email: joao.dorea@wisc.edu

Michael Ferris

Position title: Department of Computer Sciences

Email: ferris@cs.wisc.edu

Song Gao

Position title: Department of Geography

Email: song.gao@wisc.edu

Corinna Gries

Position title: Center for Limnology; Environmental Data Institute

Email: cgries@wisc.edu

Sheriff Issaka

Position title: Department of Computer Sciences

Email: issaka@wisc.edu

Corey Jackson

Position title: Information School

Email: cbjackson2@wisc.edu

Ramya Korlakai Vinayak

Position title: Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences

Email: ramya@ece.wisc.edu

Iain McConnell

Position title: American Family Insurance Data Science Institute; Space Science and Engineering Center

Email: iain.mcconnell@wisc.edu

Irene Ong

Position title: Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Email: irene.ong@wisc.edu

David Williamson Shaffer

Position title: Department of Educational Policy; Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Email: dws@education.wisc.edu

Steve Wangen

Position title: American Family Insurance Data Science Institute; Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Email: srwangen@wisc.edu

Stephen Wright

Position title: Department of Computer Sciences

Email: swright@cs.wisc.edu

Zhou Zhang

Position title: Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Email: zzhang347@wisc.edu

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