Work with DSI! We’re hiring a Research Software Engineer

The Data Science Institute is hiring a Research Software Engineer. This position involves working with research teams and algorithm developers to leverage GPUs for scientific computing applications. This may involve translating existing code written for CPUs or bringing their GPU-based algorithms from prototypes into production. The chosen candidate will investigate how to improve performance of GPU algorithms and will closely follow the evolution of portability libraries and assess their usability.

The successful candidate will join the vibrant staff at the Data Science Institute and work closely with teams on campus to support their research objectives. This may include supporting small, targeted efforts and/or large, multi-institute projects. For example, the successful candidate may collaborate with researchers in the international experiments at the Large Hadron Collider and/or the IceCube experiment to migrate their algorithms to GPUs. A principal duty will be to provide user support, e.g. in the form of answering questions, writing documentation, code walkthroughs, and/or participating in tutorials.

Apply by October 30