Yandell will speak on “Data Science in the Pandemics Age” at Forward Fest

Brian Yandell, David R. Anderson Interim Director of the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute, will talk about “Data Science in the Pandemics Age” at ForwardFest on Aug. 17, 6-7pm.

Data scientists at the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute quickly pivoted in mid-March to offer their expertise to state and local health professional around multiple aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Early work focused on projecting hospital bed capacity, which built communication channels that morphed into an advising role for the state and UW System emergency planning bodies. Lately, this DSI COVID-19 Research Group is collaborating with WI Department of Health Services on visual dashboards to help state and county health workers better diagnose COVID-19 trends around the state. This group’s Thursday seminars bring in speakers about data models and pandemic health challenges, such as campus reopening and effect of COVID-19 on prison populations and industries.

This presentation is free and you can sign up here: https://forwardfest.org/events/Analyzing-Covid-19