ML for Wisconsin: Feature Your Data for the 2024 Machine Learning Marathon!

As part of the ML+X community’s 2024 Machine Learning Marathon, we are excited to invite principal investigators and companies throughout Wisconsin to contribute their data and associated machine learning task (e.g., classification or prediction) to be featured as a competition on Kaggle.

What is the 2024 Machine Learning Marathon (MLM24)?

This approximately 12-week summer event (exact dates TBA) is an opportunity for machine learning (ML) practitioners to learn and apply ML tools together and come up with innovative solutions to real-world datasets. There will be different challenges to select from — some suited for beginners and some suited for advanced practitioners. All participants, project advisors, and event organizers will gather on a weekly or biweekly basis to share tips with one another and present short demos/discussions (e.g., how to load and finetune a pretrained model, getting started with GitHub, how to select a model, etc.). Beyond the intrinsic rewards of skill enhancement and community building, the stakes are heightened by the prospect of a cash prize for the winning team.

Why should you feature your data and problem on Kaggle?

Featuring your data on Kaggle will allow you to pool insights from Kaggle’s international community of data scientists, ML engineers, and researchers. In addition, students, researchers, and industry professionals in the ML+X community will have a chance to collaborate on problems that are local to UW-Madison and Wisconsin.

Why are we featuring a local dataset this year?

By incorporating data from a UW-Madison lab and/or local company, we aim to advance research at UW-Madison while living up to the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea. Moreover, showcasing locally sourced data presents a unique opportunity to attract talented ML practitioners to the competition, who can share insights with others participating in the hackathon.

Apply today!

If you are interested in hosting your data and ML task on Kaggle, please fill out this application form. The deadline for applications is Monday, April 29th, and we encourage you to confirm your participation at your earliest convenience. Your involvement will enhance the diversity of challenges presented at the hackathon and contribute to the success of this collaborative event. Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to the prospect of working together.


Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact the planning team at